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In the last year and a half, I have lost a good amount of weight (to date, 115 pounds).  I was prediabetic for years.  After having my first child at 40 and starting my coffee business soon after the birth of our last child, I didn’t make time for myself.  It became hard for me to do my normal activities with family, my day job, and running my small business.   I wore a CPAP machine to sleep, suffered from inflammation, had no energy and was on medication to help control my prediabetes.

About a year and a half ago, I decided to make a lot of changes. I prepared myself to have VSG surgery and lost weight with a low carb diet.  After the surgery, I have been eating keto and have been doing well  with lots of energy.  My doctor’s office now recommends a keto diet for me and I can follow it better with my favorite, spicy cheddar biscuits.  I still have weight to lose, but I know I will get there.  I no longer take medication, use a CPAP machine, have inflammation or am prediabetic.  I’m like a new person and feel much younger

As a coffee roaster and cold brew maker (Jubilee Cold Brew), I already had the abiity to start a commercial kitchen for baking.  After asking a question to others in a friend’s Facebook group  (Keto-liciousness), I was encouraged to start baking and selling.  This is how Fathead Fanny was born.

Now, I’m thrilled to be able to offer Fathead Fanny products nationwide!!  Give it a try and tell a friend.

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Everyone who tries this espresso rub tells us how amazing they find the flavor.

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